Statistics depends on study

Recently I read story on titled “Advocate misses mark on claim half the population pays at least half their income for housing” by Vanessa Swales who claims it to be false.

I disagree. First Joe Volk, Executor of Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness, is an expert on homelessness in Milwaukee County. He has served in other capacities for years including Community Advocates.

According to Joe Volk

In the interview he states “In Wisconsin we know 50%of the population paying 50%, 60%, 70%sometimes paying 80% for their housing so it should be no surprise then that the littlest thing, much less a pandemic, in these people’s lives is going to cause them not to be able to pay their rent.” He referred to an annual state-by-state report about rent burden by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a nonprofit that advocates for decent and affordable housing for everyone.

Although they both refer to a study by National Low Income Housing Coalition. We all know that not everyone fills out the census. Joe would have a better handle on what is going on especially in Milwaukee.

As an individual who struggles with mortage, prescriptions, etc, it has been difficult to handle all of this on a fixed income. Most of us do not discuss this with others. Let me share an example of what is affecting many of US. If we take a Social Security Check of approximately $1200 and apply that to one Senior Appartment with rent at $895. leaves $305 for utilities, Part B of Medicare and also part D premiums; you can see there is nothing left which means you can not eat. Using the 30% of rent equation for low income housing rent equals $400 if you can find it.

Housing and income are off. What people earn and what people now pay for safe, clean housing is off. I agree with Joe Volk.