MPS and the State

Wisconsin Republican legislators are at it again. We know it has been their intention to destroy Milwaukee Public Schools, they added Racine Unified Schools too. It’s interesting that they promote vouchers to private and Choice Schools in their legislation. We are providing education for too many independent schools.

Observing this for years I have wondered what their goal is besides providing funds for other systems in support of their following. They take our taxes and give these dollars to schools that have not proven the best for children since oftentimes dollars go to administration not education.

One thing of importance is that private and choice schools can expel students from their rolls. By State Law all children must be educated which means when they are “kicked out” there would be no place to send them.

MPS, I believe should start a specialty education for these children that many schools will not accept. Children need to be educated from where they are and not where they should be.

Let’s finally be honest and admit that many children come into a system that they are not prepared for. Families send them to school with no preparation and so they continue to lag behind fulfilling failure. Another part of that is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which many children are suffering from in the city. (One School Psychologist for 5 schools is ridiculous. They need 5 for each school).

If the State wants to legislate schools then why do we have an elected School Superintendent? Not many legislators are experts in education. They usually are worried about dollars/spending tax payer dollars. We better learn more about how the Department of Public Instruction looks upon this.